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valant04_200.jpg (9855 bytes) My career of a sportswoman:

As I child I'd been given a chance to taste and test many sporting activities like swimming, skiing, tennis, skating ...), but I seemed to have always preferred track & field the most of all.

I started in my 5.th class at my Primary School and my first coach was Zlatko Bezjak, while my coach in my Junior career was well recognized jumpers' coach Hrvoje Fizule in AD Kladivar, Celje .

After having moved to Ljubljana where I'm a student of Economy at Ljubljana University, I joined the group of athletes coached by Srdjan Djordjevic (also a coach to Gregor Cankar and Merlene Ottey).

In March 2000 I'm being coached by Borut Bilac and am working very hard, preparing myself for my first Olympic games - for Sydney 2000.