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Borut Bilač

Born on April 14.1965 in Postojna, Slovenia


Employee of: Medica Artis d.o.o.

exclusive representative of TWINLAB (sports nutrition) for Slovenia


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Borut & Britta
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Track & Filed Championship of Yugoslavia '90

My career of a sportsman:

My sporting career started at primary school - as is the case with most boys in our country - playing football (soccer), while in the wintertime I preferred skiing, playing basketball and athletics (track & field).

As a Junior I was the third in long jump at my School and that must have encouraged me to pay more and more attention to the athletics.

I started training athletics more seriously and I left other sports behind while I was in the year at our High School (which was the last season I could compete as a Junior athlete). My personal best at that time was 7,45 m while my best achievement among Juniors is certainly my 3.rd place at Balkan Games for Juniors. My coach in that period was Boris Mikuz.

After returning from the Army services I moved to Ljubljana to continue my studies and being encouraged by my close friend Saso Apostolovski (Slovenian record holder in high jump with 2,30 m) I started my training sessions together with Saso with our coach Srdjan Djordjevic.

I consider my greatest achievement my 3.rd place at the European Championship in Split 1990 - I got myself my first bronze medal at some major event - and my place in the finals at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992. I also performed at University Games in 1989, at the European championship (indoor) in 1990, World Championship in 1992 at another two University Games in 1993 and 1997, when my career as an athlete ended.

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EC '90 - Split

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Track & Filed Championship of Yugoslavia '90

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Borut & Joe
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Mediterranean games - 1990
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With former Yugoslav champion Nenad Stekic
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With my  wife Britta before leaving for Barcelona
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At the games in Barcelona '92
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Mediterranean games - 1990
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Barcelona '92
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Borut & Joe - Ljubljana - julij 2000
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My career as a track & field coach:

I started my career as an track &f field coach in 1997 

In the season 1999/2000 I coach: my wife Britta Bilac, Anjy Valant, Maja Gorjup, Iztok Hodnik and Ranko Leskovar, while I also try to give some good advise to my friend, also a long jumper, American athlete Joe Greene, bronze medallist from Barcelona '92 and Atlanta '96 (on the photos to the left and right and below)

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Borut & Joe - Ljubljana - julij 2000
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Ljubljana - July 2000
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My best achievements:

3.rd  place at European Championship in Split; Croatia - 1990  place at Olympic games in Barcelona 1992

Personal bests:

Long Jump 8.24m

100m - 10.55s

High Jump - 2.02m

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Ljubljana - July 2000