Darja's future plans at home and abroad

Darja's future plans are very ambitious and optimistic, yet she can not promise to compete whenever she would like to. There are times when she has to be at school or at her workplace as a young Police Officer and despite all the good will of her colleagues and executives (at her School as well as at her Police Station), she simply cannot go to every race she'd love to. But Darja doesn't complain and doesn't give up!

Below you'll find some races in the near future that Darja doesn't want to miss out, so she could finish her successful season and then prepare for the next one, which she had planned to be even better. Yet, she cannot promise she'll compete at all those Cross Country races. She will probably attend all the domestic races unless any of the reasons mentioned above prevents her to come, while attending and competing at the races abroad could easily be prevented by the lack of financial support she desperately needs. And this is where you can help her if you wish or if you find your business interest in it!

Anybody of you, visitors to her site, is welcome! If you or your company is willing to invest on long or short term basis into young, very promising and perspective, ambitious and reliable young athlete like Darja, a born winner, please do so.

Don't forget: she is only 23! And another important fact: Darja is never going to let you down!

Event City Date and time
Springtime race "SOBOTA" Cup Nova Gorica 19.03.2000 10:00
5. Vipavski tek Olympic run (also for "SOBOTA" Cup) Vipava 01.04.2000 14:30
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Prepared by: Edo Bogataj 2000