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Mail during the Games

Pošta med Olimpiado

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sestak16_700.jpg (74669 bytes) Matija with Roman Kejzar in Tivoliju Park - Ljubljana

April 2000

Darja21v.jpg (57162 bytes) Matija with Gregor Cankar and Darja Kokalj - Krasnja

October 1999

sestak20_700.jpg (93637 bytes) Matija with Roman Kejzar and his wife Mateja in Tivoli Park - Ljubljana

April 2000

sestak21_400.jpg (62234 bytes) Matija seeking and checking "faster" shoes


April 2000

sestak17_440.jpg (59121 bytes) Matija with Roman Kejzar in Tivoli Park - Ljubljana

April 2000

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June 2000

At National Championship in Kranj - July 2000
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22. Siki's Memorial - Ljubljana, 26.07.2000
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sestak19_800.jpg (123875 bytes) Matija and Rozle Prezelj warming up
sestak23_800.jpg (64315 bytes) Matija with Juan Toledo from Mexico at the Press Conference of his Club ZAK MASS sestak25_300.jpg (39243 bytes) After having reconfirmed his Olympic entry standard sestak15_800.jpg (81946 bytes) Tatjana Burul promised him a short vacation in Koper ...
sestak24_700.jpg (73786 bytes) Congratulations from his friends matija_koper01.jpg (108678 bytes) And here's how he was accepted by youngsters from Koper
sestak27_400.jpg (36063 bytes) sestak28_400.jpg (38256 bytes) At the Press Conference in Ljubljana "M Hotel" sestak16_400.jpg (36732 bytes) The evening after his confirmation of the Olympic entry standard

He hardly believed he managed to do it!