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And here is the "studio" where al of the
below listed Sites were made

References - Awards

On July 04.2003 I was awarded the "Golden Web Award 2003 - 2004" for the Web Site you are just watching.
Click here for details.

Some other Web Sites I have made, also worth checking:

Some of my Web Sites are briefly described below while there are links to them at their names.

My Personal Web Site - click on its name for details My Personal Web Site
Predstavitev mojega rčunalniškega izobraževanja - klikni za opis! Education - My Offer - Courses & Lectures of Microsoft Office and other Software
Devoted to my "Love of Life"

Moja ponudba za izdelavo spletnih strani - klikni za opis! Web Design - my Offer
Merlene Ottey - the Site had been made as a devotion and special tribute to Merlene's struggle with the IAAF Administration back in 2000 - the "famous" nandrolone case. And of course, because I admire her, for many reasons
Najboljša slovenska smučarska tekačica vseh časov - klikni za opis! Petra Majdič - The Princess of the Cross Country - the best ever Slovenian cross-country skier, planning to reach the World Top list in 2003/2004 season

Najboljša slovenska atletinja - evropska in svetovna dvoranska prvakinja - klikni za opis! Jolanda Čeplak - the best Slovenian born female Athlete since Brigita Bukovec's retirement - she is a European and World Indoor Record holder, and European Champion for 2002 (both Indoor and Outdoor)  - the only Athlete being considered by the  experts to be able to improve 20 y.o. World Record of Jarmila Kratochvilova at 800 m
web_darja02.jpg (34080 bytes)

Darja Kokalj  - my very first Web Site - made for my friend, also an athlete, long distance runner - second at the Junior World Championship in Italy - 1993)

She now has her own Web Site

Alenka Bikar - our National team Member, sprinter at  100 in 200 m, last World Championship finalist (the only white sprinter in female finals) - a Merlene Ottey's rival and actual National Record holder at both distances
Andreja Dolinar - disabled sportswoman - wheelchair - table tennis player ( in Europe and at the Sydney 2000 Paralympics) - European Team Champion 2003
Franjo Izlakar  - disabled sportsman - Slovenian Paralympic National Team Member (shot put and discus) - ex World and Paralympic record holder in shot put and Paralympic record holder in discus throw (all three records achieved in Barcelona 1992)
Dragica Lapornik - disabled sportswoman - wheelchair - athletics - the first Slovenian Olympic or Paralympic medal winner (bronze at the  Paralympics in Barcelona 1992)

Franc Pinter Ančo - disabled sportsman - wheelchair - our most successful shooter with air and small calibre rifle - actual World and European Champion (European Champion for the second consecutive year) and also a three consecutive times disabled sportsman of the year in Slovenia
Jazbinšek Ernest - disabled sportsman - ex world record holder in shooting (air pistol) - for many years he had been the President of the Sports Federation for the disabled in Slovenia - he is still a Member of Slovenian Olympic Committee
Stanka Macur - my Friend, the song writer, guitar player and Music Teacher - the Site was devoted to her when she published her first Cassette

And You're listening to her voice in her song "The Blues" from her above mentioned Cassette.

Brigita Bukovec - ex best Slovenian Athlete - 100 m hurdles runner - a winner of the only Slovenian Olympic medal in Athletics so far (silver in 100 m hurdles - Atlanta 1996) - she ended her sports career in 2001
Goding Khang Xi - a very special dog- a Shar Pei "Golding  Khang Xi" and his "love mate" ZsaZsa - they're really unique
Lions klub Ljubljana Iliria - a Lions Club from Ljubljana -  (now being edited and updated by themselves)

web_fotomaxi01.jpg (34136 bytes) Foto Maxi Friend's small business presentation (being updated by themselves)
Sprostilno zdravljenje - presentation of a special Chinese Healing Method
web_naturalis01.jpg (24747 bytes) Naturalis - a Friend's small business presentation (being updated by themselves)
Gregor Cankar - our best long-jumper and National record holder for many years (the Site is inactive for over 2 years)

Izdelava vijakov Muzga - a Friend's small business presentation
web_slo_atletika01.jpg (50679 bytes) Slovenska atletika - one of my first "real" Web Sites -  I have made it to contribute to our National Team while performing at Sydney 2000 Olympics - the Site was active between 1999 and early 2002 (due to a lack of interest from our Athletes, those pages were not updated since then)
Brigita Langerholc - Slovenian middle-distance runner at 400 m in 800 m - National Team Member and twice an Athlete of the Year in Slovenia
Nina Zega - Slovenian Pole Vaulter - National Team Member - in the seasons 2001 and 2002 also a Slovenian record holder and twice a National Champion

web_silverhawks01.jpg (29173 bytes) Ljublajna Silverhawks - the only Slovenian Team playing American Football - they also represented  Slovenia as a National Team against Italy - the Site was made because my elder son Gorazd is a Team Member)
web_invalidi011.jpg (43349 bytes) Sports for the disabled in Slovenia
The official Web Site of the Slovenian Federation of sports for the disabled -initially this was a Web Site devoted to ours disabled National Team at Paralympic Games in Sydney 2000
World Championship in Sitting Volleyball for Women - Kamnik 2002
Sitting Volleyball - Slovenia Open 2001

Revija Otrok in družina - (Child and Family) - a Family magazine
Revija Trobentica - Magazine for Children under 7

Ignac Zaletelj - a worldwide well recognized guitar maker - his instruments are top class, hand made guitars, mandolins and tambourines and each of them is a unique piece of art
Tanja Zajc Zupan - a nationwide recognized musician - virtuozinja na citrah

Stolen Web Sites!

Yes, Web Sites are being stolen as well - there are no regulations nor sanctions in Slovenia to prevent it-.

Below are two examples of stolen Web Sites - both of them were made for my "friends" (at least that's what I thought they have been) and were active and regularly updated for over 2 years. The thieves are from the same family from Koper-Capodistria - all the details are at my personal Web Site.

Athletic Club - Koper

Društvo za zdravo življenje Manžan

But of course, those are not the only Web Sites I have made in the past years - if you are curious enough, you can check them at my personal Web Site under "References"

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Februarja 2001 - na jadranju z "Magnetko" v Koprskem zalivu

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