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Mail during the Games

Pošta med Olimpiado

Photo by Marko Gasser shows Roman training in the mountains that surround his home village ...


and thus symbolically shows his persistency in "climbing" to the top 


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romanmateja_250.jpg (21560 bytes) There are only two members of Kejzar family on the photos to the left and to the right - himself & his lovely wife Mateja. But very shortly you'll be able to see the photo of their newly born family member, their daughter Sara

Which means Roman is going to travel to the Games in Sydney as the only father in our National Athletic Team.

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kejzar16_400.jpg (32739 bytes) Državno prvenstvo v teku na 10 kmv Slovenski Bistrici kejzar15_400.jpg (30118 bytes) kejzar14_400.jpg (25679 bytes)