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Sometimes even our athletes take care of their doctor

Wonder why?

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Bus station
- busses take us to venues from here

sydney16_440.jpg (38466 bytes) Janez Hudej practicing his javelin throw sydney17_800.jpg (27951 bytes) All buses are well adopted to special needs of us disabled

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Social life: Erlend More with Ivan Vinkler -  Zlatko Mihajovič and Bruno Toplak behind

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Even while eating our Cheff can not enjoy his peace.
Three phones are needed to keep informed

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Crowd in the dinning room

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Cheff's de Mission meeting with all the coaches

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Coaches at their "spying" mission

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Janez Hudej and Dragica Lapornik at the bus awaiting departure to the training venue

slodom01_440.jpg (54796 bytes) Janez Roškar in front of one of our houses in the Village

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Who could live without all those mobiles?

Goran Kabič can not!

pocitek01_800.jpg (57759 bytes) Let me rest in peace, please

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Andreja Dolinar in the dinning room

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Slovene national flag being raised in the Paralympic Village


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Welcome gifts being delivered to our team

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Reception hosted by the Major of Cambelltown  

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all three pictures

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Welcome show - just for us

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Today both houses we're going to use during the Games were given at our disposal, but some rearrangements have to be done before we move in.

Yesterday we went to a sightseeing tour through Sydney and to a short trip with a ship. Later on there was a public presentation in a Slovenian House. There were many visitors that came to welcome our team. After that we spent a very pleasant evening in a Slovenian Club in Sydney..

Today we were presented to the Major's of Cambelltown, but we also started our training and preparations.

We're about to move into Olympic Village within two days.

Report by: Branko Mihorko


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Our National Team in a Slovenian House


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< Arrival - at the Sydney airport

Slovenian Club Trglav >

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From the airport to the city - with all that luggage

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In a Slovenian House

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Sightseeing Sydney

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Our team by the famous Sydney bridge - accompanied by Mr. A. Breznik


Journey to Sydney


After a 24 hours of flight we happily and without any trouble arrived to Sydney.

At the Airport we were accepted by Mrs. Helena Drnovsek - Zorko, Consul General of the Republic of Slovenia in Australia and Mr. Alfred Breznik, Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Slovenia in Sydney, who after that accompanied us to Campbeltown.

We are going to stay in Campbeltown until October 11.

We are all very satisfied with the accommodation and we have nice weather - temperatures about 35º Celsius.

Report by: Branko Mihorko

Reception with President Kučan

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On 27 September Milan Kucan, president of Slovenia, hosted a reception at Podroznik Villa for the participants in this year’s Paralympics. In his welcoming address President Kucan expressed his great satisfaction at the standards being achieved by disabled sportspersons. It is was belief that Sydney was ready to warmly welcome those competing in the Paralympics, and he wished the athletes a pleasant journey and great sporting success, before handing the Slovenian flag to Janez Hudej. Accepting the flag Mr. Hudej promised that the athletes would do all they could to repeat the successes of Rajmond Debevec and Iztok Cop and Luka Spik.

On behalf of everyone Ernest Jazbinsek thanked the president for his reception and best wishes, and said he felt confident that the team was well-prepared for the highest sporting achievements. Janez Matoh, the vice-president of Slovenia’s Olympic Committee, told the athletes that a warm welcome was also waiting for them in Sydney at Slovenia House. The president Kucan was very happy to be pictured with the competitors.


ROGLA - 22. 9.2000


On Thursday 21 and Friday 22 September the Slovenian team for the XIth Paralympic Games gathered at the Hotel Planja in Rogla for their last meeting before departing for the games. On Thursday they received the official equipment and held discussions on all important matters in connection with traveling. The competitors showed much satisfaction with the official equipment for free time, competition and ceremonial events.

On Friday a photo session for the official equipment was held, and at mid-day it was officially presented to the Slovenian public. The presentation involved representatives of disabled persons’ organisations and the Government Office for the Disabled, the vice-president of Slovenia’s Olympic Committee, sponsors and numerous journalists. Ernest Jazbinsek and Branko Mihorko talked about some of the fundamental points of the Paralympics and the Slovenian team, and Miša Novak and Barbara Což focused on Slovenia House and its programme.

In brief speeches the guests wished the team a pleasant journey, many enjoyable moments and good results in the competition. Paraplegic athlete Janez Hudej was also introduced to the public as the flag carrier for the opening ceremony.


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The Paralympic Games Arena where our disabled athletes will be competing  

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The national team of 17 disabled athletes who will represent Slovenia at the Paralympic Games in Sydney will travel to Australia on 5 October.

This year the Paralympic Games will take place from 18 October to 29 October.