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The first day - our first medal


Franci Pinter- Ančo

The first match is behind us and as you probably already know, there is a medal as well. Silver one! Ančo had shot 591 in his preliminary (series: 100, 97, 99, 97, 100, 98). As he usually does, he finished this part among the best and his result was a new world record. We all hoped it will hold, but unfortunatelly the Corean (we call him "Ping pong") was for another two points better.

Before the final series Ančo was thus in the second position, 2 points behind the Corean rival and 4 points in front of the others. Most of our team gathered to encourage Ančo when the final series started and they were really loud in supporting him.

He did his shooting very well (series 100), the result was 103.1, but Corean competitor couldn't be beaten any more. But Ančo's silver medal is a great achievement anyway and a good sign not only for him but for all other team members as well.

Tomorrow, 8:10 local time, we hope to get another two finals (one for Ančo and one for Srečko).

Polona (coach of our shooting stuff)

Opening ceremony of The XI. Paralympic games


ogenj01_440.jpg (16016 bytes)
Flame is here again

mnozica.jpg (45252 bytes)
There were so many of them ...

kakozanimivo.jpg (40195 bytes)
How nice!
Brane, Srečko & Ernest

zborotvoritev01_800.jpg (41334 bytes) Our National Paralympic Team gathered in front of the stadium hudej02_440.jpg (24372 bytes) Janez Hudej "lonely" in the crowd
odhod_440.jpg (63962 bytes) "Shall we go despite the rain?" -  "Of course!"
And they went - first to the opening ceremony than for their first medal...
pohod01_800.jpg (46685 bytes) Our Team whilst marching in...
nasedezih01_440.jpg (77027 bytes) Slovenian Team seated vozickarji01_800.jpg (45615 bytes) Wheelchairs lined up at the opening ceremony 
trenerja01_800.jpg (45518 bytes) Delighted coaches Krejač & Vecko novicevlji.jpg (21409 bytes) The shoes were a bit too new anyway


hudej01_440.jpg (19714 bytes)
Janez Hudej with Slovenian national flag

hudej03_440.jpg (48512 bytes)
Tired flag carriers

pavlinec01_800.jpg (43646 bytes)
Swimmer Danijel "on the wave of the crowd"

The last day of preparation for the big event


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Andreja & Sašo in the International Zone

hudej04_800.jpg (49590 bytes)
Dragica and Janez surfing the Internet - in fact they're only answering their mails

gos.jpg (66862 bytes)


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Marko training in Te Central Park

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Marko and his coach Brane Klun leaving for their rehearsal hour

btoplak01_800.jpg (52050 bytes)

Bruno: "No, not this one - I want something else!"

btoplak02_800.jpg (50542 bytes)

Bruno in the sporting center gathering information

hudej05_800.jpg (59509 bytes)

Janez and Ančo exchanging their domestic experience - subject: washing dishes

policisti.jpg (28674 bytes)

Policemen talk - Are they discussing Ernest's pistols disappear?

Our Chef Branko turned ornithologist - or was he carried away by a romantic "attack"

Our photographer Branko is getting better and better  (he was productive even before)

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ptica01_800.jpg (148008 bytes)

pticipocivata.jpg (145426 bytes)
White birds resting


bklun01_440.jpg (28968 bytes)
Brane driving (pulling)  Marko's "formula"

gkabic02_440.jpg (17753 bytes)
Goran Kabič - Where the hack is "p"? It was here somewhere yesterday...



tarca01_800.jpg (32491 bytes)
Our shooting team couldn't be more accurate 

pinter09_800.jpg (53187 bytes)
This much have I eaten odbojka01_440.jpg (21054 bytes) Official outfit for the umpires - Janko, our sitting volleyball referee

strelci01_800.jpg (49908 bytes)

Shooting team - 
group photo at Ernest's will

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Our shooters on their way to training session

cistoca01_440.jpg (28007 bytes)

Everybody has two bags for dirty (clean after washing) laundry

cistoca02_440.jpg (30254 bytes)

We have to keep it clean - Ančo is missing his regular domestic tasks
sladic02_440.jpg (25071 bytes)

Coach Polona Sladič supervising her shooting squad


sladic01_440.jpg (38511 bytes)
Coaches are tired, too

sydney21_800.jpg (69486 bytes)

Drivers and their "cars" at the service station - repairs take longer than 10 seconds

sydney19_800.jpg (59863 bytes)

Service station

pinter02_800.jpg (64032 bytes)

Ančo and Patricija on the Internet

sydney18_800.jpg (78162 bytes)

Cleaning stuff in action - when they get into rooms, the real mess starts

generalka01_800.jpg (70462 bytes)

Opening ceremony rehearsal - the others of us watched it on TV

golbal04_800.jpg (37349 bytes)

Goal ball tem members analyzing their game

sydney20_440.jpg (31242 bytes)
Everybody knows who goes first
sydney22_800.jpg (50081 bytes)


zdravnica01_800.jpg (58930 bytes)
Sometimes even our athletes take care of their doctor
(for her birthday)

Wonder why?

sydney14_800.jpg (39972 bytes)
Bus station
- busses take us to venues from here

sydney16_440.jpg (38466 bytes)

Janez Hudej practicing his javelin throw

sydney17_800.jpg (27951 bytes)

All buses are well adopted to special needs of us disabled

druzabno01_800.jpg (60623 bytes)

Social life: Erlend More with Ivan Vinkler -  Zlatko Mihajovič and Bruno Toplak behind

branko01_800.jpg (43082 bytes)

Even while eating our Cheff can not enjoy his peace.
Three phones are needed to keep informed

jedilnica02_800.jpg (54397 bytes)

Crowd in the dinning room

stab01_800.jpg (48620 bytes)

Cheff's de Mission meeting with all the coaches

trenerji01_440.jpg (28418 bytes)
Coaches at their "spying" mission

sydney15_800.jpg (58846 bytes)
Janez Hudej and Dragica Lapornik at the bus awaiting departure to the training venue