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Reports and photo coverage of the first three days


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What is this guy carrying? Our fans' requisite - nearly as popular as boomerang!

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"Well done!", our swimmer's coach Bruno reports.

Our swimming champion Danijel Pavlinec had his first attempt today. In 400 m freestyle he performed very well and finished sixth in the final race and improved national record twice.

In the next few days more good news can be expected from our Dani as there several other, shorter disciplines ahead.

Let's hope his coach will send us a report on that soonest possible..
pavlinec02_800.jpg (71262 bytes) First 50 m - Dani doing it very well pavlinec04_800.jpg (69952 bytes) Second  50 m - keep going Dani!
pavlinec05_800.jpg (71289 bytes) After 150 m - still in a good position... pavlinec07_800.jpg (59013 bytes) Turn at 250 m - Dani turning very well
pavlinec06_800.jpg (80075 bytes) Besides the main pool there are many additional small swimming pools in Aquatic Center pavlinec08_800.jpg (60256 bytes) Final Dani's result  - excellent 6. place!
pavlinec03_800.jpg (25935 bytes) Bruno describing and explaining the race pavlinec09_800.jpg (34606 bytes) Fredi (our Paralympic atache Alfred Brežnik) is always with us to encourage our athletes