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First matches of our goalball team and some shooting

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Vojko in his defense action

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We're well known for jumping while encouraging our athletes!
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Ha caught the ball!

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Emptying mail boxes

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What are they discussing so seriously?

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Dinner debate - Srečko and Edo

golbal16_800.jpg (46090 bytes) Viki's defense action was golbal19_800.jpg (42903 bytes) Viki
golbal17_800.jpg (52172 bytes) Viki, Erlend in Zagi golbal18_800.jpg (47008 bytes) Viki throws and ... GOOOAAAL!

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"Can you see me?", is the referee asking the blind player

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Defense - or lying in front of the goal?

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Referee taking care of the dark glasses being correctly placed over the eyes

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Erlend with the ball firmly in his hands

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There are many Australian Slovenes among spectators

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Erlend after a throw
toplak02_440.jpg (22112 bytes) If only the "chief" saw all the activities of the coaches during their daily meetings..
Bruno is obviously with the current matter!
izlakar02_800.jpg (25911 bytes) Franjo also tries to use a notebook, but he types with one hand only.


sydney77_800.jpg (23782 bytes) Goran can't see well!
Has our goalball team gained a new player?
jazbinsek03_440.jpg (33590 bytes) Ernest and Polona - who's right?

"Me!"..., said both of them!

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Zagi threw, but there was no goal

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If any player should accidentally or miraculously "regain his sight", his eyes are taped

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When allowed, we do take our chance to give full support

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Šuli in a rush

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Toni escorted his blind player to the playground

Reports and photo coverage of the first three days


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What is this guy carrying? Our fans' requisite - nearly as popular as boomerang!

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"Well done!", our swimmer's coach Bruno reports.

Our swimming champion Danijel Pavlinec had his first attempt today. In 400 m freestyle he performed very well and finished sixth in the final race and improved national record twice.

In the next few days more good news can be expected from our Dani as there several other, shorter disciplines ahead.

Let's hope his coach will send us a report on that soonest possible..
pavlinec02_800.jpg (71262 bytes) First 50 m - Dani doing it very well pavlinec04_800.jpg (69952 bytes) Second  50 m - keep going Dani!
pavlinec05_800.jpg (71289 bytes) After 150 m - still in a good position... pavlinec07_800.jpg (59013 bytes) Turn at 250 m - Dani turning very well
pavlinec06_800.jpg (80075 bytes) Besides the main pool there are many additional small swimming pools in Aquatic Center pavlinec08_800.jpg (60256 bytes) Final Dani's result  - excellent 6. place!
pavlinec03_800.jpg (25935 bytes) Bruno describing and explaining the race pavlinec09_800.jpg (34606 bytes) Fredi (our Paralympic atache Alfred Brežnik) is always with us to encourage our athletes



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Aquatic Centru is also always crowded

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Fans gathering before the game


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Hello! I'm your Sunny and I'd like you to come in...

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Sometimes even spectators get a chance to play volleyball

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In-between the sets balls are given to spectators to have fun

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Viteški boji

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Sitting volleyball (Persia : Germany) -


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Morning treaty...
Andreja would like to look nice (as if she hadn't been)

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Janez would like to have a massage, but he's early again as the stuff hadn't woke up

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Our van - "lonely" sometimes

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Our "security" chatting - let's hope they don't forget their duty

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Some of them never come on time -

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Marko is "jumping"

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From front or from back?
Just do it!

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Srečko walked around too much - his rubbers are gone..
Here's a new pair, Srečko!

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Our goalball team can't live without a ball - a good sign before their first match

sydney69_800.jpg (68357 bytes)

When I grow up, I'll have this much wheelchairs (one for every working day, one for Sunday, ...)
sydney63_440.jpg (35899 bytes) What if he was not bound "on a chain" sydney53_800.jpg (56792 bytes) Shall we cross our swords? Dare you?

sydney71_440.jpg (30124 bytes)
Vojko is thirsty, but can not decide...

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Sunday's picnic

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Wheelchair basketball

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Wheelchair basketball

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Pit stop changing the wheel (there were three pit stops in the second half)

 Coverage of the first athletic matches and some shooting

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We're a small, but the loudest group of fans

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sydney46_800.jpg (64489 bytes)

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Javelin throw

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Andreja while giving her autograph

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Final Pinter's score

pinter17_440.jpg (30282 bytes)

hudej07_800.jpg (38350 bytes) Janez - portrait after his pentathlon match hudej08_800.jpg (69456 bytes) Warming up
hudej10_800.jpg (66753 bytes) Warming up for his 1.500 m race.

If only he was in front at the real race

hudej11_440.jpg (23074 bytes) After his shot put Janez was at the third position - more than satisfied with his NR
hudej09_440.jpg (29983 bytes) Janez Hudej with the Press hudej13_800.jpg (55001 bytes) Let's go! Now!
hudej12_800.jpg (56114 bytes) Start of the 1.500 m race. Janez didn't react very well. hudej14_800.jpg (46557 bytes) let's go, Janez. Keep going!
hudej15_800.jpg (49739 bytes) pinter18_440.jpg (28853 bytes) Polona is always at hand.
pinter16_440.jpg (31383 bytes) Who of them is more nervous? pinter15_800.jpg (54540 bytes) Franci Pinter and his rivals
pinter21_440.jpg (28829 bytes) Fourth place is not a bad result after all - they can be satisfied pinter22_440.jpg (30202 bytes) The latest Polona's advise
lapornik05_800.jpg (55421 bytes) When the lifts are too slow, the strongest ones find their own way majcenovic05_800.jpg (50381 bytes) Srečko is ready to shoot

sydney47_800.jpg (66430 bytes)

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Our journalist Tomaž helps as well

sydney49_800.jpg (62965 bytes)

sydney50_800.jpg (73492 bytes)
Is it the sun or a good friend's throw taht made them smile

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We're recognizable by our Adidas outfits

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Janez whilst throwing his javelin

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Everything has to be tied up and at its place