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The 21st Athens Classic Marathon took place in the framework of Athens 2003 Sport Events. In the photograph, the ATHENS 2004 Executive Director Marton Simitsek awards the cup to Georgia Ampatzidou, the first Greek woman athlete who came 2nd in the Women General Ranking. © ATHOC / PHOTO: A.N.A /  Α. VLACHOS
bullet 21st Athens Classic Marathon
bullet African runners and Greece’s Pollias are the star performers in the 21st Athens Classic Marathon
bullet Athens 2003 - Triathlon Sport Event ITU World Cup

bullet Nine Sport Events (out of a total of 40 scheduled to be held by June 2004)

bullet Sport Events Press Releases Archive

11th IOC Coordination Commission Visit 22 to 24 October 2003

Press Conference - 24 October 2003

ATHENS 2004 President, Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki, with IOC Coordination Commission President, Denis Oswald, at today’s Press Conference.  © ATHOC / PHOTO: A.N.A / A. VLACHOS
bullet Press Statement of ATHENS 2004 President Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki
bullet Transcript of the Press Conference of the 11th IOC Coordination Commission

2nd Special Final Match Japanese Professional Table tennis Tournament


Greek Kallinikos KREANGA ranks 2nd, Croatian Zoran PRIMORAC on the 1st Place

Competition venues

bullet Nikaia Olympic Weightlifting Hall is complete


Recent Press Releases
κουκκίδα 08 Nov 2003: ATHENS 2004 Olympic Tournament Presentation makes impression
κουκκίδα 06 Nov 2003: FIFA delegation concludes visit to Greece
κουκκίδα 05 Nov 2003: Meeting of the ATHENS 2004 President with the President of the Bulgarian Republic
κουκκίδα 04 Nov 2003: Press Conference on Homes Rental Programme

Special Coverage
κουκκίδα Presentation of the ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Games Mascot and Medals
κουκκίδα The Olympic medals for the 2004 Olympic Games
κουκκίδα 50th Cannes International Advertising Festival
κουκκίδα The International Route of the ATHENS 2004 Torch Relay

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