And finally ... here they are, home again!



Whilst waiting for them

sprejem01_440.jpg (18034 bytes)
He's not bluffing - it's his duty

sprejem02_440.jpg (21069 bytes)
Denis and Jože took care that all of the guests had their place at the table...

...while the guests were gathering...sprejem03_440.jpg (24509 bytes)
Mr. Taras Poljanec and Mrs. ZoraTomič...

sprejem04_440.jpg (21373 bytes)
Janez Kocijančič and  Miro Cerar

sprejem11_440.jpg (24739 bytes)
and all together


sprejem42_800.jpg (44499 bytes)
Press conference can begin

sprejem51_800.jpg (49109 bytes)
...they're all there

sprejem50_440.jpg (16231 bytes)
First words of welcome came from Mr. Jože Okoren

sprejem49_440.jpg (23965 bytes)

Since there wasn't enough room for all our team at the table, medallists only were given the spot

sprejem52_800.jpg (43079 bytes)

sprejem62_400.jpg (20227 bytes)
Ernest still couldn't believe there were so many of us there

sprejem64_400.jpg (21646 bytes)
Branko, whilst telling the best paart of his short speech: "...we were breathing like we were a family!"

sprejem60_800.jpg (30820 bytes)
Medals line up! Only Franjo couldn't get into picture.

sprejem63_400.jpg (19423 bytes)
Helena was very thirsty.

sprejem79_400.jpg (35765 bytes)
All the "chiefs" gathered

sprejem80_400.jpg (40767 bytes)
but none of them acting as a real chief!

sprejem09_440.jpg (22098 bytes)Gorazd came out first through the door we were all starring at ... sprejem08_440.jpg (21445 bytes)... while Erlend took second place.
sprejem53_440.jpg (25274 bytes)Sašo and Andreja coming out together as a team - and Sašo took care of her luggage.

If he let her come out first, he would have been gentleman "par excellence"

sprejem12_440.jpg (22964 bytes)When Bruno came out, there was such a crowd in front of him ...
sprejem13_440.jpg (17186 bytes)... that he had to stay there for quite a while, and Boštjan had to stop behind him sprejem14_440.jpg (19134 bytes)Was anybody expecting anything else than her smiling face?
sprejem15_440.jpg (24025 bytes)Ernest also couldn't believe there were so many of us waiting for them sprejem16_440.jpg (19455 bytes)Boštjan and 18 years + 1 day old friend Zlatko were not very sure what's all the folks doing there
sprejem17_440.jpg (24231 bytes)Goran acted quite seriously, while Polona couldn't help herself and played a part of her "normal" role sprejem24_440.jpg (22642 bytes)Igor welcoming our athletic coach Goran
sprejem19_440.jpg (16909 bytes)Janez also seemed to be pleasantly surprised with the crowd sprejem21_800.jpg (31050 bytes)... and just a moment later he was even more surprised, when Marko used his siren
sprejem23_440.jpg (22881 bytes)Nobody expected Helena to come out without her "raglja"... sprejem29_800.jpg (30063 bytes).. and nobody expected her not to try it out if it still works!
sprejem27_800.jpg (33491 bytes)...only we couldn't hear what they were whispering behind the bunch sprejem20_800.jpg (31574 bytes)The first goal-scorer of the Paralympics Ivan (in front) and his team mate Igor
sprejem22_800.jpg (36403 bytes)Srečko let Polona go first,  sprejem26_440.jpg (20876 bytes)Branko was informed there were many of us waiting outside - but still he looks surprised
sprejem30_800.jpg (36700 bytes)... as if he doesn't trust Danica, he watches what she is doing sprejem32_800.jpg (26733 bytes)Franjo started laughing in Sydney - and he cannot stop!
sprejem35_440.jpg (22212 bytes)He was a bit more concerned when Igor became curious about his medal - looks like  Franjo doesn't trust him sprejem33_440.jpg (21046 bytes)Our second to come out medallist Ančo also couldn't live without his popular "raglja"

Our Paralympic heroes arrived to Brnik by the schedule and though there was a long journey behind, none of them seemed to be too tired to share their joy with friends and relatives

sprejem40_800.jpg (46454 bytes)Our marathoner Marko Sever's fans were there as well and they were the loudest group of all - although they had to come from Ajdovščina (some 100 km).

Representatives of our national Olympic Committee  (mag. Janez Kocjančič, Tjaša Andree-Prosenc and Miro Cerar) and a member of our Ministry of education and sports (dr. Alex Leo Vest) also came to greet our team, as well as many representatives of our national organizations for the disabled.

sprejem34_440.jpg (22140 bytes)Crowd gathering around Dragica sprejem36_440.jpg (20148 bytes)And so does Janez!

waving to all of us at once

sprejem37_800.jpg (40146 bytes)Heroes of all the heroes - the medal winners sprejem38_800.jpg (47158 bytes)There was no chance of taking picture of all four of them at the same time...
sprejem41_800.jpg (45327 bytes)... no surprise - somebody had to be "cut off" sprejem46_440.jpg (27020 bytes)and finally all four of them, smiling and showing their medals

... some of them raising them higher than others


sprejem39_800.jpg (44123 bytes)
Then we lined them up and made them listen carefully
sprejem54_800.jpg (44842 bytes)sprejem83_800.jpg (26161 bytes)sprejem55_800.jpg (45914 bytes)sprejem57_800.jpg (42057 bytes)
sprejem82_400.jpg (46082 bytes)sprejem56_800.jpg (45035 bytes)sprejem58_800.jpg (30229 bytes)sprejem59_800.jpg (30079 bytes)
sprejem68_400.jpg (22007 bytes)Dragica being interviewed - she admits she could have done it better sprejem61_400.jpg (20407 bytes)Ančo looking down at his colleagues - a pose not alike him.
sprejem76_400.jpg (18700 bytes)Franjo took it very seriously - and he also promised to do it even better next time sprejem81_400.jpg (37172 bytes)... but he was only thinking what to tell the press when they ask hm
sprejem77_400.jpg (41377 bytes)World turned around. Who are they applauding to?
sprejem70_400.jpg (18056 bytes)Was Dani's head so heavy or is he just thinking ...? sprejem67_400.jpg (16198 bytes)You never know what's up in her mind!
sprejem73_400.jpg (14247 bytes)Some of the athletes thinking very deeply sprejem66_400.jpg (20703 bytes)Marko was also in the center of attention after his first Paralympic games


sprejem07_800.jpg (36180 bytes)
While the guests were discussing more or les important matters...

...Marko's fans were loud as they could be sprejem05_800.jpg (45918 bytes)

sprejem06_800.jpg (42833 bytes)
taking care of the appropriate atmosphere for the occasion

When Marko finally came out,
sprejem18_440.jpg (18590 bytes)
the went crazy!

but neither did Marko wait too much
sprejem21_800.jpg (31050 bytes)
and he quickly answered with his new "weapon"

sprejem47_440.jpg (27202 bytes)
I bet he'll remember this moments forever!

sprejem31_800.jpg (38713 bytes)

sprejem28_800.jpg (30253 bytes)
A bit surprised when she realized she's been "caught"

sprejem25_440.jpg (22633 bytes)
Brane couldn't move on, until the "road" was empty

sprejem48_440.jpg (27776 bytes)
Andreja glad to be on a firm ground after a long journey 

sprejem43_440.jpg (24597 bytes)
Words of welcome and congratulation coming out of a crowd.
Ladies first, of course...

sprejem44_440.jpg (23796 bytes)
...and that's why  Janez had to wait a bit for his turn

sprejem65_400.jpg (18452 bytes)


sprejem75_400.jpg (49226 bytes)


sprejem69_400.jpg (13900 bytes)
Zlatko - still "alive" ...

sprejem78_400.jpg (27937 bytes)
... and then his head went down

sprejem72_400.jpg (14208 bytes)
while Viki woke up!