Najboljši rezultati na svetovnih in evropskih prvenstvih po Paraolimpijskih igrah v Atlanti

Evropsko prvenstvo – Švedska 1997 1. mesto
Svetovno prvenstvo – Španija 1998 1. mesto
Evropsko prvenstvo – Velika Britanija 1999  7. mesto
X. Paraolimpijske igre Atlanta 1996 5. mesto


Zlatko Mihajlovič Erlend More Vojko Štor Ivan Vinkler Boštjan Vogrinčič Igor Žagar



Domicile: Ljubljana

Profession: high school sport teacher

Employment: Institute for the Blind and Partially Sighted Ljubljana

 Assistant Coach


Domicile : Maribor

Profession: high school sport teacher

Employment: University of Maribor, Department of sports  

Presenting the game & some snapshots from training in Sydney


Goalball playground is 18m x 9m (volleyball playground). There are two goals at each side of the playground and they are 9m wide and 1,3 m high. Each team has  3 players with 3 reserves on a bench.  Each player is obliged to have dark glasses on so the blind and partially sighted players perform under equal conditions. All the lines of the playground are marked with a string under special plastic tape, which makes orientation for the blind players easier.

The ball is made of soft rubber and measures are: diameter: 76 cm, weight: 1250g. There are special small bells inside the ball and they produce sound which enable the players to react properly to the ball's movement.

each team's aim is to get the ball into the goal of their opponent while the rival tries to prevent it. In the next action the teams' role change and the attacking one becomes defender .Playing time is 2x 7 minutes (net time). Usually there are from 50 to 60 actions within one game.

Slovenian National Team are actual World champions - our team members at this year's Paralympic games are: Zlatko Mihajlovič, Erlend More, Vojko Štor, Ivan Vinkler, Boštjan Vogrinčič in Igor Žagar. Coaches: Anton Marton in Edvard Krejač. 

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Public presentations of our national Team before leaving for Sydney

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Our National Team public introduction at Rogla
22. September

Audience by President's of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Milan Kučan

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