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The latest of Helena's contribution to our site

sever19_800.jpg (57793 bytes)If you're a formula driver, you must be able to take care of it yourself! sever20_800.jpg (54790 bytes)Living room or service station?
Or just a good combination of both?
sever21_440.jpg (37296 bytes)Preparing for the race - Marko is quite busy hudej19_800.jpg (53732 bytes)Janez Hudej at his shot put attempt.

You should trust Helena and me, since Janez could hardly be seen..

helena03_560.jpg (21725 bytes)
Helena while checking out everything is set correctly
She's been doing it for three weeks - very successfully.
Doctors are good at anything...


Portraits of our coaches - thanks to Stanka and Florjan


klun01_560.jpg (30794 bytes)Brane Klun krejac01_560.jpg (31468 bytes)Edo Krejač
marton01_560.jpg (33341 bytes)
Toni Marton
Finale matches of our goalball team

golbal29_800.jpg (58851 bytes)
Warming up before the match with Latvia

helena03_560.jpg (21725 bytes)
Helena in action

Technique and the touch:

No use if only the camera is perfect...
Here is an ideal combination of both!
Photo: Florjan Auser

golbal30_440.jpg (29884 bytes)It's not easy to do it with one hand.
But that's what friends are for!
Erlend and Zlatko

golbal28_800.jpg (54392 bytes)
The latest advice from their coach Toni

"Watering" of the first two medals was successful - we've got the third one

lapornik18_440.jpg (26872 bytes)
To Your health and your great win!

lapornik15_800.jpg (66180 bytes)Draga shaking the winner's (her German friend's) hand lapornik17_800.jpg (28875 bytes)Draga and Goran
It's been reported that Goran (her coach) survived this squeeze
lapornik16_800.jpg (40829 bytes)Draga and Ernest
Don't tell me he doesn't like her.
Will Stanka (in the corner of the picture) tell us his words
lapornik20_800.jpg (26117 bytes)She broke the first cork and then successfully opened up the second bottle

lapornik19_440.jpg (17695 bytes)
Our national flag (for Dragica Lapornik's bronze medal)

Medals and flowers for Paralympic champions


dolinar10_800.jpg (72637 bytes)
Introducing Andreja and Monike Sycora - semifinals

golbal27_800.jpg (65970 bytes)
Our goalball team encouraging themselves

lapornik14_560.jpg (29596 bytes)


pavlinec15_800.jpg (49615 bytes)
Danijel 25 m before finishing line at 100 m freestyle

roskar28_800.jpg (76507 bytes)
Behind the 200 m runners and behind the net our Janez Roškar throwing his discus

A wonderful day with our athletes as seen by  Stanka Gregorič




lapornik12_560.jpg (25585 bytes)

lapornik14_560.jpg (29596 bytes)

lapornik10_560.jpg (20882 bytes)
lapornik11_560.jpg (19605 bytes)All the above portraits show our 48 y.o. bronze medallist Dragica Lapornik's happiness and joy after the winning ceremony in shot put

Photographer: Florjan Auser

lapornik13_560.jpg (27417 bytes)




We "watered" Janez's medal good enough for another one to "grow"


jazbinsek08_800.jpg (64443 bytes)

jazbinsek04_800.jpg (49558 bytes)

jazbinsek07_800.jpg (66266 bytes)

roskar16_800.jpg (48757 bytes)

Janez whilst trying to open the first bottle of champagne

roskar19_800.jpg (49099 bytes)

Luckily he's better at javelin throwing

roskar18_800.jpg (47121 bytes)

roskar26_800.jpg (48938 bytes)

roskar27_800.jpg (50759 bytes)

roskar25_800.jpg (49534 bytes)

roskar20_800.jpg (51638 bytes)

roskar22_800.jpg (51835 bytes)

The ball goes with every our party

jazbinsek06_800.jpg (54000 bytes)

Ernest finishing his shooting

roskar24_800.jpg (49081 bytes)



roskar23_800.jpg (40267 bytes)

jazbinsek05_800.jpg (54996 bytes)


dolinar07_440.jpg (18122 bytes)
Andreja while giving support to Sašo

sydney94_800.jpg (41994 bytes)

hudej16_800.jpg (73338 bytes)izlakar03_800.jpg (48560 bytes)
roskar17_800.jpg (24081 bytes)roskar21_800.jpg (22831 bytes)To you health and you medal, Janez!

dolinar08_440.jpg (28565 bytes)

Andreja fighting for the finals with her Spanish rival

suligoj08_440.jpg (24761 bytes)

Sašo in his first match
golbal26_800.jpg (32754 bytes)

suligoj10_800.jpg (47407 bytes)

sydney95_800.jpg (92153 bytes)

golbal25_800.jpg (71159 bytes)

sydney98_800.jpg (19604 bytes)
Whom is this "kiss" ment to?

dolinar09_440.jpg (25966 bytes)Andreja fighting for the finals with her Spanish rival sydney99_800.jpg (62001 bytes)The blind runners at 5.000 m - runners in the orange outfits are their escort
sydney97_800.jpg (36637 bytes)Coaches seem to be tired - even more than our athletes - will they need special training for the next games sydney88_440.jpg (17830 bytes)Gorazd at the barbers.
What kind of scissors did they use?

suligoj06_800.jpg (68723 bytes)


suligoj11_800.jpg (63913 bytes)


sydney96_800.jpg (49376 bytes)

Janez Roškar - our bronze medallist in javelin throw


sydney93_800.jpg (119709 bytes)
All those people gathered here to watch our medal being delivered

golbal24_800.jpg (52783 bytes)
Viki's throw

majcenovic06_440.jpg (32248 bytes)
Srečko has finished his performances and now enjoys in the sun and with his coffee

roskar08_800.jpg (44765 bytes)Halo, folks! I found my medal! Some American borrowed it for a day only roskar09_800.jpg (68348 bytes)Janez Roškar being awarded bronze medal
roskar15_800.jpg (63904 bytes)Official announcement of he medal winners roskar14_800.jpg (85936 bytes)Kangaroo also came to shake bronze medallist's hand
roskar10_800.jpg (65754 bytes)Janez reaching the podium roskar11_800.jpg (64638 bytes)First three in javelin men's throw
roskar12_800.jpg (44198 bytes)First interview made by "our" Stanka - and the news of our second medal was spread all over Australia roskar13_800.jpg (48776 bytes)Secret Press Conference in the forbidden area
sever16_800.jpg (33933 bytes)Marko also likes to play - but the balloon was to fast for me to catch sydney89_800.jpg (47872 bytes)Our "fan club" awaiting the afternoon's goalball match with USA team
sydney91_800.jpg (58574 bytes)We're going to make a better meal for you!

They promised Helena a special treatment!

sydney92_800.jpg (57967 bytes)
One of the distant flags belong to our teamsuligoj05_800.jpg (29216 bytes)
Šuli playing volleyball - funny, so many of them can play volleyball, yet we have no team here
sydney90_440.jpg (18437 bytes)
Our "chiefs" should practice a bit more - they are in a poor shape so they finished the game after second set