Before You take the Tour (or at any later time)
You can view the Map of Slovenia,
divided into 9 parts

View the "byways" throug Slovenia!


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Before you take a Tour around Slovenia, discover it from here. You can start from the Maps shown below or choose from the Destination's list. Destinations were chosen to help you find out some most attractive regions and places. There is also a special Map of "Byways" provided in case you intend to stay any longer and follow them instead of rushing the Highways only and see nothing. There is so much we can show You!

You are also welcome to discover many interesting and attractive sites by  following the link to "Destinacije" - in an unique photo gallery you'll find great pictures from all over Slovenia - a contribution of Natasha and Mario.

Choose from Destination list! Destination list
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View the "byways" throug Slovenia! Byways Map

Each destination has its own Page with a brief description and a Map, with a few Photos and detailed description.

You can reach them by clicking on the "icons" shown to the left of each Page and explained here.

Detailed Maps (close-ups) are also available as well as a special Map showing You how to use Byways and where to go.

Enjoy Your visit to Slovenia!

The Map of Slovenia is divided into 9 smaller Maps - each of them presented in two different views - scales (1:300.000 and 1:50.000) to make it easer for you to determine the exact location of the places You would like to visit.

Just click on the area of your interest and then choose a Close-Up Map.


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