Disabled sportsman of the year 2000

Born 24.12.1953
Domicile Slovenska Bistrica
Profession electrician
Disability paraplegia
Competition category SH1C

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Competition disciplines

R1 – air rifle, standing
R3 – air rifle, prone
R7 – FREE  RIFLE .22, 3x40

Best results

7th place – air rifle, standing, European Championship, Chatenoy le Royal, France, 1997

3rd place – FREE RIFLE .22, 3x40, World Championship, Santander, Spain, 1998

Best results at Paralympics

IX.  Paralympic Games,  Barcelona, 1992

8th place – air rifle 3x40 1169/1262

9th place – air rifle, prone, 594

X. Paralympic Games, Atlanta, 1996 

2nd place – air rifle, standing, 585/686.1


“ I expect to reach the final in all four disciplines and I hope I’ll get among the medals in two disciplines.”

Results at XI. Paralympics

air rifle, standing 2 .place

air rifle, prone 12. place
Free rifle .22, 3x40 4. place

Franc also has his own Web Site at: http://sport.si21.com/sport-invalidov/francpinter/