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Slovenia will be represented by 17 athletes, they will compete in athletics, goalball, table tennis, swimming and shooting. They all comply with the stringent domestic and international standards and most of them have won medals in important international championships. Along with coaches and the management team Slovenians will have a small but important role in this year’s manifestation of the greatest sports event in the world for the disabled.

Overall preparations are being carried out by the Sports Federation for the Disabled of Slovenia with the help of other organisations for the disabled, the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, sports clubs, health-care institutions, companies, sponsors and other organisations. We are also very appreciative of help from many individuals but, unfortunately, the space available in this publication does not allow us to mention them all. The organisations and individuals have enabled the preparations of the athletes and acquisition of equipment similar to the equipment that will be used by Slovenian athletes in this year’s Olympic games, which will take place at the same venue three weeks prior to the Paralympic Games.

Team management

Mr. Branko Mihorko, MSc Chef de Mission  
Doc. dr. Helena Burger Team  doctor  
Mr. Alfred Brežnik Paralympic Attache  

Audience by President's of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Milan Kučan
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Official presentation of the national team to take place on 22 September at Rogla.

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Janez Hudej
Franjo Izlakar
Dragica Lapornik
Janez Roškar
Marko Sever
Branko Klun Coach
Goran Kabič Assistant Coach


Zlatko Mihajlovič
Erlend More
Vojko Štor
Ivan Vinkler
Boštjan Vogrinčič
Igor Žagar
Anton Marton Coach
Edvard Krejač Assistant Coach

Table tennis

Andreja Dolinar
Sašo Šuligoj
Gorazd Vecko Coach


Danijel Pavlinec
Bruno Toplak Coach


Ernest Jazbinšek
Srečko Majcenovič
Franc Pinter
Polonca Sladič Coach