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The Capital - Ljubljana

General Info on Slovenia

Presenting the Republic of Slovenia

This pages are made to let you get more familiar with the beautiful Country we come from - The Republic of Slovenia and to help you distinguish our Country from other European Countries we're so often messed up with - Slovakia for instance (with which Slovenia used to be "messed up" most often in the past).

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You can, of course visit Slovenian Official Web Site and many other Sites presenting Slovenia (some of them are listed below), but You might easily get lost in the waste of information.

We are, instead, going to try to make you learn more about our Country than any other Site does - and what's most important: we're going to do it in a different manner - you can start discovering the beauties of Slovenia with our automated Tour, for instance - or choose a set of detailed Maps and discover the areas and Sites of your interest by yourselves!

There are so many beauties we can offer our visitors it is nearly impossible to even list them and there are many officially and unofficially recognized so-called landmarks and trademarks - we are going to try to draw your attention to some of them and we'll try to show you those you might never have heard of.

Of course we will not avoid those Sites that are worldwide known already, but will by pointing out less known Sites try to assure you that visiting our Country once A means You'll be coming back again and again....


But in case you're willing to learn some brief historic facts about over 1.000 years of the furious History of Slovenia and its People, you should start reading here.

It won't take long and it's worth looking at!


Slovenia with its numerous natural beauties represents a surprisingly exciting Country even for the People who live here, not only for the first time visitors.

Even listing them would occupy too much space so let us remind you of some of them, just to give you the idea, what one could expect:

Besides many World famous attractions like Postojna or Škocjan Caves, Bled with its Island or The Soča River Valley etc., there are many other Sites that are no less attractive while showing off the power of Nature.

The Underground World, which is most typical for the Kars Region does show off its astonishing beauty not only in the mentioned Region but all over Slovenia as well - have you ever heard of how many Kars like caves there are in our Country? Believe it or not, there are over 7.000 of them!

There are also numerous waterfalls, Karst water-sources, underground or  intermittent Rivers and an intermittent Lake of Cerknica, as well as many mineral water sources and many other unbelievable features will make you stare with your mouth open.

The sources of our well known Rivers like Soča in Trenta Valley, the two sources of Sava River in the reserve Zelenci and the Savica waterfall near Bohinj, or Krka that sources in the middle of the Karst are attractions by themselves, but you'll find no less attractive are the sources of Savinja just above the Rinka waterfall in Logarska dolina, or for instance "Minutnik" under Gorjanci where water appears exactly in a minute periods. There are also numerous intermittent Rivers in the south-western part of Slovenia you can admire under different names and so on and on...

And not only Rivers, you'll sometimes find their Gorges even more attractive - like Dovžanova Soteska near Tržič, Blejski Vintgar near Bled or Iški Vintgar near Ljubljana,...or deep Canyons of the Soča River.

You could well be impressed by some unusually shaped rocks like Igla in Logarska dolina or Prisankovo okno on the way to Vršič, for instance.

Besides worldwide known and well recognized Caves like Postojna, Škocjan, Pekel, Vilenica etc., there are also some other exceptional Caves that might well astonish you even more. There are Snowy Cave at the Mountain Raduha, Icy Cave near Kočevje at Stojna. Among thousands of Caves there are many smaller ones with their own special features like Rotovnikova jama near Šoštanj or Ravenska jama into which you can enter being guided by a specialized and experienced guide.

There are numerous lakes worth seeing - not only the famous Bled or Bohinj or the intermittent Lake Cerknica - you will be astonished with the beauty when you climb up to The Seven Triglav lakes or visit The Wild Lake near Idrija, Lovrenc Lakes at  marshy moor at Pohorje above Maribor, or for instance some picturesque lakes created in the "dead curves" of the Rivers Drava. Krka or Mura.

There are saltpans in Sečovlje with its Museum of old-fashioned salt producing and the "dead" - abolished saltpans Laguna near Strunjan, or the highest Cliff at the Adriatic coast - the well known Strunjan Cliffs that you shouldn't miss should you go to the seaside.

Slovenia is also known as the land of forests with some very old and huge tree species being protected by a special law (not only the famous "Najevska lipa" and a thousand years old "Solčavska tisa" but also the funny shaped "Kačja smreka" near Idrija or the huge "Nujčev hrast" at Bizeljsko Region - and there are some reserves of pragozd like the ones at Kočevje Region (Rajhenavski RogPečka, Strmec at Stojna, Ravna gora at Gorjanci and some others).

Many of those natural features are being well marked at numerous woody, botanic or other "special paths", regarding certain theme will lead you through Slovenia from the West to east or from the North to South.

There are three great and well known botanic gardens like "Volčji Potok", "Mozirksi gaj" and "Apline Botanic Garden "Alipna Julijana", but there is also a nice botanic garden in Ljubljana, many well preserved Parks or Gardens by some ancient Castles all over Slovenia, some of them being protected as well.

And let us remind you of some special "energetic zones" spread all over the country - telling us how closely tied we are with the Nature.

And least but not last to mention there are numerous sites all over Slovenia worth visiting for their geological or archaeological features - Slovenia is very rich  with some finds from Neanderthal period, form Palaeozoic or Iron and Bronze Ages.

Let us mention some of the most valuable sites of the kind: Vače near Litija and the famous "Vaška situla", one of the three finds of the fossils of the snail Pereiraira gervaisi in Europe, Vajndol near Šentjernej, Marmot skeletons found near Kamnik, or perhaps the oldest ever wooden wheel found at Ljubljana Moor recently.

s svojo nenavadnostjo privlačijo žvepleni izviri, kakršen je na primer v Trebuši v Zgornjem Posočju, plinski izviri ali mofete, kakršna je v Ivanjševcih, izviri kisle vode na Jezerskem in v Logarski dolini, zaganjalke ali presihajoči studenci, kakršen je na primer Minutnik pod Gornjaci.

Location of Slovenia:
Central Europe, South-eastern Alps, bordering the Adriatic Sea, between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

Slovenia is positioned in the Middle of Europe, to the South of Austria, West of Croatia, East of Italy and Southwest of Hungary.

Slovenia is an independent Country since 1991 - after "leaving" former Federation of Yugoslavia as one of its former Republics.

We are joining the European Union on May 2004 and will thus be a member of the European Community by the time of the XII. Paralympic Games in Athens 2004.

Our native language is Slovenian.

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Slovenija - Click for a close_up!

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Europe The Capital - Ljubljana

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Go to the City of Ljubljana

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